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Welcome to the Clayton School District!
       The Clayton School District is nestled in the supportive community of Clayton, Wisconsin.  It is comprised of a 4K-12 school building with approximately 400 students school wide and 47 certified staff members.  The Clayton School District has an excellent professional staff that cares a great deal about student’s intellectual, emotional, and physical development. The primary mission of the staff members of Clayton Schools is to help students to develop the necessary skills and strategies to be confident life long learners and to be able to be productive in a global world. Students are our greatest assets and we will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. Students, staff, and administration are dedicated to creating a school environment that is conducive to learning and helps our students develop character traits exhibited by good citizens. We look forward to working with you in providing a quality education!

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   Our Clayton High School student chosen as the November Student of the Month is Tiffany Moskal.  Tiffany is the daughter of Angie Moskal. She is a senior and is currently ranked 2nd in her class.  Members of the teaching staff, nominate the students, and include a short description of the positive character traits of the student.  Consideration is given to students that have positive personal skills as well interpersonal skills. The pride the student displays in the school and community is also evaluated.  In Tiffany's nomination a teacher said, "Tiffany has consistently exhibited the characteristics required for nomination as the Student of the Month.  She has always strived to excel in academics; she takes pride in her work and has shown the initiative to participate in advanced courses such as those available via the ITV network.  She is very respectful with both students and staff.  Tiffany is actively involved in a myriad of school activities and exhibits positive leadership in all situations.  Another teacher stated, "Tiffany has displayed extreme character, motivation, and respectfulness from the beginning of the school year in my class and out of class."

Congratulations Tiffany on being named Clayton HS, November Student of the Month!