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           Welcome to the Clayton School District!

The Clayton School District is nestled in the supportive community of Clayton, Wisconsin. Clayton itself is located in western Wisconsin about 1 hour northeast of Minneapolis. It is comprised of a 4K-12 school building with approximately 400 students school wide and 47 certified staff members. The Clayton School District has an excellent professional staff that cares a great deal about student’s intellectual, emotional, and physical development. The primary mission of the staff members of Clayton Schools is to help students to develop the necessary skills and strategies to be confident life long learners and to be able to be productive in a global world.  Students are our greatest assets and we will do whatever it takes to help them succeed. Students, staff, and administration are dedicated to creating a school environment that is conducive to learning and helps our students develop character traits exhibited by good citizens.  We look forward to working with you in providing a quality education!
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 Our Clayton High School student chosen as the March Student of the Month is senior, high honor roll student, McKenna Larson. McKenna is the daughter of Lisa Kahl and Mark Larson. Members of the high school teaching staff, nominate the students, and include a short description of the positive character traits of the students. Consideration is given to students that have positive personal skills as well as interpersonal skills. The pride the student displays in the school and community is also evaluated.
In McKenna’s nomination, teachers said, “McKenna is a high honors student and challenges herself by taking advance classes including college courses. She really excels by going above and beyond regular classroom duties. She willingly invites and includes all students, regardless of needs, in and outside of the classroom. She is an exceptional role model for students of all ages and ensures that no one is excluded. For example, during lunch she openly communicates and creates a friendship with students who have more significant needs. In the hallways she greets others with genuine interest and a smile. In extracurricular activities she shares her knowledge and experience with younger students, which helps them build their skills. She is kind, compassionate and has a genuine concern for the well being of others. She is the perfect example of a selfless individual striving to make the world a better place.

Congratulations, McKenna, on being named Clayton High School Student of the Month!